Dive Buddies for Life

At 20,000 Leagues Scuba and Aquatics, we believe in treating everyone who walks through our doors as “Dive Buddies for Life”.  It is our way of doing business – and taking care of every person who comes into our community of divers. We encourage every member of our dive community to stay active at diving – and continue to expand their knowledge with Continuing Education.

Dive Buddies

We love our dive buddies! Anybody who holds an open water certification is considered one of our dive buddies!

Advanced Buddies

Advanced buddies are those divers who have completed or are in the process of completing their advanced open water certification!

Master Buddies

These buddies are those divers who have achieved their advanced open water and rescue certifications as well as have logged 50 or more dives!

Technical Buddies

Any dive buddies who hold a technical certification are our Tech buddies!